Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dorée & Co, Chatsworth Road, Clapton E5

I don't really want to let you in on this one, but it's too good to keep a secret. A few months ago Chatsworth Road in Lower Clapton was made just about perfect with the arrival of the lovely bakery-cafe Dorée & Co.

When I caught wind a *bakery* was opening at the end of my road I literally punched the air with excitement, and more so when I caught wind it was going to be French-run! Before moving to Clapton I used to live in Newington Green, and had Belle Epoque - maker of some of the best almond croissants in London - just around the corner. For a few months after moving I'd still cycle over on a Saturday morning to stock up on croissants and visit the amazing fruit and veg shop around the corner.

At first it was just Emma, the owner, baking through the day, with croissants, bread, quiche, cakes and tray bakes popping out the oven in what felt like a spontaneous way, but now it's a bigger operation with a sit-in café, and lots and lots of baked goods coming through, It still varies every day, although her sourdough and walnut loafs and some variety of croissants are a constant.

But you never know what will be hot out the oven that day...for example, today we had chocolate stuffed mini brioche:

The cafe is becoming a favourite on Chatsworth Road, which is fast becoming Caffeine Kilometre in the stretch between Cooper and Wolf and 46b Espresso Hut. Music is a big part of what makes Dorrée lovely- I've heard many of my favourites playing when I've been in...The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, 60s surf ...on one warm weekend Emma had musicians amped up, sat outside and playing dreamy stripped back surf.

The sit in menu has some brilliant warm, eggy breakfasts. And very well priced too. I had a gigantic croque monsieur when I was in, but sweet and savoury pancakes and other French-inspired dishes are also on the menu.

At lunch there are sandwiches, amazing quiches and always an interesting salad at a good price. If my partner is working at home for the day, Dorée & Co is now his go-to place for a tasty and kinda healthy lunch.

I'm there every weekend for bread that lasts the week, and I hope to check out Dorée & Co's evening bread-making courses (£35) at some point too. But with reasonable prices on everything, it's hard to justify the time and effort of making your own with this at the end of the road.

Well, I hope Dorée won't be sold out of bread by the time I get up next Saturday morning as a result of writing this. But it's worthy of your business and deserving of every success, so check it out next time you're on Chatsworth Road.

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