Saturday, 16 February 2013

L'entrpot E8, Dalston Lane

( Hackney brunch map is here)

A great addition to the local brunch scene is L'entrepot E8, a big warehousey restaurant-cum-wineshop right by Hackney Downs station. It's run by the Borough Wine lot, so it's a mix of well-chosen wines, and a short menu of French/Spanish inspired main meals and platters. But L'entrepot is not so well known for it's weekend brunch options - and you're missing out if you haven't tried it!

The brunch menu is sporadically posted on their twitter. It's short, but sweet - offering a good selection of fancy, classic, healthy. Pete and I both had to have the boudin noir with caramelised apple and poached egg - it sounded too good to go for different options, we'd have just felt cheated!

It was absolutely delicious. The boudin noir was so soft and rich, and its saltiness worked amazingly with the sweet, buttery apple. The poached egg was cooked perfectly. It came with a piece of sourdough toast too, which was very useful for soaking up Every Last Bit. Because it was that good.

It was pretty quiet when we were there - granted, it was FREEZING COLD, and about 11.30am on the Saturday morning after pay day. I imagine it's busier later on in the afternoon; either way, a great addition to the Hackney brunch picture.

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