Saturday, 13 February 2010

Bruxelles sans moules

Pete and I went to Brussels last weekend and we didn't have moules frites, we didn't have waffles, and we didn't eat copious amounts of belgian chocolate. Fail? No way!

We did have...

A delicious salmon and broccoli quiche and yummy healthy salad:

A spinach burger (!!) from lovely organic vegetarian cafe Greenway, wherethe friends we were staying with used to go every week when they studied in Gent:

Boudin blanc while perusing the Jeu de Balle fleamarket:

Falke's delicious home-made lasagne:

And a sneaky cone of frite et mayo after some serious sampling of beers at Plasir Flagey:

And lots and lots of amazing beer.

So we learnt there's more to Belgium than the old culinary clich├ęs. But the absence of moules prompted me cook some this week!

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