Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Another food blog

I absolutely love food. I live to eat.

Food is on my mind pretty much all the time. You'll often find me envisaging the remnants of my larder and fridge and daydreaming possible recipes. Or you'd see me drooling over the restaurant recommendations in guidebooks as I plan my next trip away. Or I'll be gushing with friends, family or colleagues about the meal I made last night, the olive oil I bought from the Portuguese deli, the pictures and recipes in the Observer Food Monthly. Yes, I do truly and absolutely love food!

I intend for this blog to be a celebration of food - food I cook, restaurants I visit, cuisines I 'discover', culinary adventures, great shops, my favourite ingredients, implements, techniques.

This isn't going to be all about pretentious food and expensive restaurants. This is about my food odyssey - my everyday, passionate, inquisitive journey through cuisines, flavours and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

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